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Finca Milagros

Finca Milagros

The House of Wonder

Let tem give glory to the Lord and proclaim his praises on the islans! 

(Isajah 42,12)




An Oasis of the Presence of the Lord is being established on the island of Tenerife. A place where people can find Him, a place of an open Heaven, a place of healing and restoration, a place of inspiration and impartation, where heaven and earth come together. 


For some this might be a place to rest and be refreshed to be able to face the challenges of life with new strength.


Others might use the opportunity to seek and find His Face to get the answers and guidance most needed.


Again for others this might become a place of healing and restoration in spirit soul and body. The quietness, fresh air, the mountain, the beach, good food and our special health-tips might contribute to it. 


This is especially for people who continuously lay down their lives in service to God and serving the people. 

















We know from experience how important it is to have these times of refreshing in the presence of God. Ministry can only happen out of a fresh and living relationship with the Lord. 

Burdens and dissapointments have to be removed, wounded warriors have to be healed and those who are burned out need to be put on fire again. Something fresh needs to be heard and received to be able to fulfill the high calling in these days.

All of this and much more we want to experience in this beautiful place in a small family-like community.


We want to live and share the things God has given to us. There shall be room to be creative, to discover, experiment and develop as the Lord is leading us. 

We are doing that in a very holistic way. We want to see the Kingdom of God manifested in every area of our lives and in society. 

We are seeking for new understanding in areas such as following Christ, marriage and family, education, community, health, business and missions. 

Therefor such a place is most needed to give room to live and multiply these things.


Help us to make it possible!


This place needs to be bought.

(While renting now, we are already seeing many of the mentioned things. But to move forward it needs to be bought and set up properly.)


Any financial gift is most welcome.

As well as your prayers and any form of support. 

Even many small gifts can accomplish something great!



In that way the project can be financed fast, without getting into debt.

In the same time many are getting the opportunity to become part of this great thing the Lord is doing.

And of course this will touch, change and bless many lives. To see this happening will be our common reward (plus the reward in Heaven).


So, become Part of it! Join us! And share it with others!




For Him and His Kingdom!!!





At the foot of mount Teide on Tenerife, the Canary Islands of Spain



A big house with seperate apartments for guests and about 10‘000 m2 of land.



To provide an oasis for those in ministry (and all whom the Lord is sending) who need a time of refreshing, restoration, inspiration and impartation in the Presence of the Lord.






                        € 500‘000



that makes


 a 100 people who donate € 5‘000 


or 1‘000 people who donate € 500


or 10‘000 people who donate € 50


or 100‘000 people who donate € 5


or any combination of it




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What others are saying:

We spent six wonderful weeks at the Finca Milagros.

We were looking for a place of rest, silence, solitude but still with the possibility of being active, walking, exploring, swimming, even meeting people if we wanted to. We had all of that and also time of prayer and sharing with other visitors.

It is the ideal place for anyone, single, couples, or small groups, who really want to get away from everything and just be with Lord, without being locked away in forced solitude.

It is also a fun place to be when the Gegenschatz family is there!


Giancarlo & Catherine Elia


We more or less happened to visit the Wondrous Villa for a few days – but I am confident we will return, and with very different expectations! First, the Gegenschatz family was very welcoming, and hospitable, and although we’d never met it was set up, and felt like a family visit. Also, they are an interesting bunch! After decades of (more or less full-time) ministry, and moving in church circles, we have “heard it all.” But these guys are exploring rarely trodden paths of God’s creation, and I believe some of their findings may very well prove to be both relevant, and important. My wife has been trying a few of their “health recipes” in the last weeks or so, and she says she is definitely profiting. I am planning on visiting for health reasons ASAP.

In addition, Finca Milagros is a beautiful place on a stunningly beautiful island.


Tomas Dixon/Sweden

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